Youth Mentoring Survey Form


Harris & Nakkula, 2003b


Harris, J. T., & Nakkula, M. J. (2003b). Youth Mentoring Survey. Unpublished measure, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, MA.


The scale was created for mentees (primarily primary and secondary school students) to assess their subjective perspectives on the their relationship with their mentors. The Youth Mentoring Survey measures mentee perspectives on relationship quality. The survey complements the Mentor Characteristics Questionnaire by measuring relational and growth-focused aspects of match relationship quality.


The population being studied are mentees, primarily primary and secondary school students.


The measure is usually self-administered, as part of a more comprehensive questionnaire. Time: It requires 8-15_ minutes on average. Scoring: Responses are made on a 5-point scale The negative statements are reverse coded prior to summing the subscale scores.


The scale was created for mentees (primarily primary and secondary school students) to assess their subjective perspectives on the their relationship with their mentors


Cronbach’s Alpha: Cronbach’s alpha ranged from .71 to .83. This measure contains two factors: Relational Satisfaction (alpha=.83) – the degree to which the youth feels satisfied with the relational aspects of the match; Intimacy (alpha=.71) – the degree to which the youth perceives there is sharing and reciprocity in the match


Measure is positively correlated with academic outcomes among mentees


Broad scope, complements and correlates with Match Characteristics Questionnaire; has been successfully integrated into match supervision processes at the Yavapai (Arizona) Big Brothers Big Sisters agency; correlates with academic outcomes


Validity evidence not yet published.

Bibliography (by year)

Karcher, M. J., Nakkula, M. J., & Harris, J. T. (in press). Developmental mentoring match characteristics: The effects of mentors’ efficacy and mentees’ emotional support seeking on the perceived quality of mentoring relationships. Journal of Primary Prevention.


Section 1: How does your match feel? For each sentence, please choose a number from the scale below to say how true it is for you.

1. I talk with my mentor when I have problems or things that worry me.

2. My mentor lets me choose what we do, or else we choose it together.

3. I have learned a lot from my mentor.

4. My mentor makes me happy.

5. My mentor and I hit it off right away (liked each other quickly).

6. My mentor and I are close (very good friends).

7. I just want my mentor to be fun, not someone who helps with schoolwork or problems.

8. My mentor focuses too much on school.

9. My mentor makes me feel special.

10. My mentor is a good match for me.

11. I am doing better at school because of my mentor's help.

12. I know a lot about my mentor's life (his/her family, job, etc.).

13. I want my mentor to teach me how to do things.

14. I wish my mentor would not try so hard to get me to talk about things I don't want to talk about.

15.My mentor has helped me with problems in my life.

16. I can always count on my mentor (to show up, to do what he/she promises, etc.).

17.My mentor and I like to do the same things.

18. My mentor really cares about me.

19. I am willing to try new things that my mentor suggests (foods, activities, etc.).

20. I wish my mentor would not get on my case so much (about how I act, what I wear, etc.).

21. My mentor helps me get in less trouble (make better decisions, behave better, etc.).

22. I get to see my mentor regularly.

23.My mentor and I like to talk about the same things.

24.My mentor knows what is going on in my life.

25. I want my mentor to help me do better at school.

SCALE: 1 = Not at all True 2 = A Little True 3 = Pretty True 4 = Very True

SECTION 2: What do you do with your mentor?

Directions: Please choose a number from the scale below to tell us how often you do different things with your mentor.

1=Never 2=Less than half the time 3=Half the time 4=More than half the time 5=Every time

1. Do activities that are really fun?

2. Talk about things you hope will happen in your life (your hopes and dreams)?

3. Do new things--things you never did before you got matched?

4. Goof around and do things that make you laugh?

5. Talk about problems you have or things that worry you?

6. Talk about how you are doing at school?

7. Just hang out and do things like watch tv, eat, or play games together?

8. Talk together about kids you know (friends, brothers/sisters, neighbors, etc.)?

9. Talk about how to behave well and stay out of trouble (self-control, making better decisions, etc.)?

10. Do things that are boring or that you do not like.

11. Talk about good things that happen to you (things that make you happy)?

12. Learn about things that interest you (Interests are things you like or things that can keep your attention).

13. Do the thing that you really wanted to do that day (your top choice)?

14. Talk about any bad things that happen in your life?

15.Work on school assignments or projects together?

16.Do something that is a big deal, like traveling or going to a special event?

17. Talk about the things you care about the most?

18. Talk about how to be a good person (being honest, responsible, etc.)?

19. Do activities with kids you know (friends, brothers/sisters, neighbors, etc.)?

20. Go places you had never been before you got matched?

21. Talk about your family (how you're getting along with them, what it's like at home, etc.)?

22. Do activities that teach you something or make you think (like reading, puzzles, educational games, etc.)?

SCALE: 1=Never 2=Less than half the time 3=Half the time 4=More than half the time 5=Every time

23. Where do you meet with your mentor? (check all that apply)

Email/Phone 􀂆1 In school 􀂆1 At a supervised site (other than school) 􀂆2 Wherever we choose 􀂆3

24. Over the past few months, how often have you usually gotten to see your mentor?

At least once a week 􀂆1 At least twice a month 􀂆2 Once a month 􀂆3 Less than once a month 􀂆4

25. When you get together with your mentor, how much time do you usually spend together?

Most of the day 􀂆1 About half a day 􀂆2 A few hours 􀂆3 One hour or less 􀂆4

Response Format

1 -5 (See Scales above for each section)

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