Student Views about Mathematics Survey Form


Pape, 2006



Eight structural models were tested to understand (1) direct and indirect relationships between students’ beliefs about mathematics, self-confidence in mathematics, and perceptions of the importance of mathematics on achievement; (2) direct and indirect influences of components of self-regulated learning on students’ achievement in mathematics; and (3) different models of how students views related to mathematics and components of SRL explain students’ achievement.


1568 Algebra 1 students


The questionnaire and consent forms were administered to 1568 Algebra I students in September and October, 2005


Student View about Mathematics was developed and tested for construct validity and internal consistency. Morevoer, the new instrument was used with the Mativated Strategies for Learning Questionaire to provide evidence about the indirect effects of students’ beliefs about mathematics on mathematical achievement through their effects on self-regulated learning behaviors.


Scales Cronbach’s Alpha

Students’ Beliefs about Mathematics .80

Self Confidence in Mathematics .72

Beliefs about Importance of Mathematics .87


The motified Confirmatory Factor Analysrs (CFA) was constructed to test for construct validity and achieved a good fit.


The three factors of the test all had high Cronbach alpha scores of .72 and higher


The study does not have a sufficient number of items to measure student’s mathematical self-efficacy and their performance expectancy.

Bibliography (by year)


Items for Students’ Beliefs about Mathematics

2) The math that I learn in school makes me think.

5) When the teacher asks a question in math class, there are lots of possible right answers you might give.

6) Good math teachers show students lots of different ways to answer the same question.

17) In addition to getting a right answer in math, it is important to understand why the answer is correct.

20) I learn math by understanding the underlying logical principles, not by memorizing rules.

21) When I cannot remember the exact way my teacher taught me to solve a math problem, I know some other methods that I can try.

23) It is important to investigate why a solution to a math problem works.

24) A person who gets the answer correct but doesn't understand why their math problem is correct hasn't really solved the problem.

29) Trying hard to learn how many different examples work leads to understanding in math.

30) Math enables us to understand the world better.

31) Mathematics is a way of thinking using symbols and equations.

45) I can draw upon a wide variety of mathematical techniques to solve a particular problem.

48) I believe that if I work long enough on a math problem, I will be able to solve it.

Items for Self-Confidence in Mathematic

22) I have more confidence in my ability in mathematics than in my ability in other academic subjects.

42) If I am presented with a new mathematical situation, I can cope with it because I have a good background in mathematics.

43) I get flustered if I am presented with a problem different from the problems worked in class (Reversed).

46) I do not feel that I can use the knowledge gained in the math courses I have taken so far (Reversed).

47) No matter how hard I try, I feel I just cannot understand my math (Reversed)

Items for Beliefs about Importance of Mathematic

32) Mathematics is important in real life.

33) I study math because I know how useful it is.

34) Knowing math will help me earn a living.

35) Math is a worthwhile and necessary subject.

36) Math will not be important to me in my life's work (Reversed).

37) Math is of no relevance to my life (Reversed)

Response Format

Six point scale from “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree”


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