Attitudes Survey Form


Wiebe, Williams, Yang, & Miller (2003)



The scale was created to measure attitudes towards computer programming and computer science in general.


The population being studied is the general adult population.


The scale is usually self-administered, as part of a more comprehensive questionnaire. Time: It requires 2-8 minutes on average. Scoring: Responses are made on a 5-point scale. Participants respond to these statements on a five-point scale, ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree. The negative statements are reverse coded prior to summing the subscale scores.


This instrument was derived from the Fennema-Sherman mathematics attitudes scales (Fennema, 1976), modified to reflect programming and computer science rather than mathematics. The survey consists of a series of positive and negative statements.


Cronbach’s Alpha: Cronbach’s alpha ranged from 0.86 to .92. Unidimensional.


Previous research found that the positive attitudes towards computer science positively predict intent to persist in computing.


Strong psychometrics and published in a peer-reviewed journal


Measure is specific to computer science and may need to be modified to pertain to other disciplines.

Bibliography (by year)

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Williams, L., Wiebe, E., Yang, K., Ferzli, M., & Miller, C. (2002). In support of paired

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1. It would make me happy to be recognized as an excellent student in computer science.

2. I'd be proud to be the outstanding student in computer science.

3. I'd be happy to get top grades in computer science.

4. It would be really great to win a prize in computer science.

5. Being first in a programming competition would make me pleased.

6. Being regarded as smart in computer science would be a great thing.

7. Winning a prize in computer science would make me feel unpleasantly conspicuous. ( R)

8. People would think I was some kind of a nerd if I got A's in computer science. ( R)

9. If I had good grades in computer science, I would try to hide it. ( R)

10. If I got the highest grade in computer science I'd prefer no one knew. ( R)

11. It would make people like me less if I were a really good computer science student. ( R)

12. I don't like people to think I'm smart in computer science. ( R)

( R) = reverse coded items

Response Format

1 (Strongly Agree), 2(Agree), 3(Neutral, neither agree nor disagree), 4(Disagree), 5(Strongly Disagree)


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